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Showa Denki CFM type

Showa Denki CFM type

Mã sản phẩm: CFM type
Tên thiết bị: Máy hút bụi
Xuất xứ: Japan
Tình trạng: Mới
Liên hệ: 0912 924 479
Giá: Liên Hệ


An innovative layout of dust-off parts actualized a compact design.
Cubic capacity was reduced about 20% compared with our existing rate.
Low noise

Adopting a new sound proof structure, actualized innovative low noise.
・1.5kW: Operating sound 62dB (A)
・2.2kW: Operating sound 68dB (A)
・3.7kW: Operating sound 68dB (A)
・5.5kW: Operating sound 71dB (A)
# The operating sound measured 1.5m away from the front side of the main body of the dust collector. Noise value varies depending on the environment and condition.
Our unique chrysanthemum-shaped filter

Adopting a unique chrysanthemum-shaped filter increased the collection efficiency. Easy replacement of the filter because of the cassette system.
Increased efficiency because of a high performance turbo fan

Adopting our unique high performance turbo fan developed with know-how as an all-round manufacturer of wind blowers, and taking advantage of advanced fluid engineering. Compared to the same electric motor capacity, 72% of fan efficiency was increased.

Drilling Grinding
Boring Sanding
Sand blast Powder handling (input, mix, agitation, packing, weighing, sealing)
Polish Buff
Machine tool Industrial machine Specialized machine
Powder handling system Steel making Ceramic engineering system


Model Electric machinery (kW-P) Air flow
Static pressure
Filtration Area
air volume requirement
Chamber capacity
Operation noisedB(A) Contour mass
CFM-10R 1.5-2 20 1.96 10.4 40 28 62 179
CFM-20R 2.2-2 30 2.45 15.6 50 39 68 218
CFM-30R 3.7-2 40 2.45 23.4 60 32×2 68 281
CFM-40R 5.5-2 60 2.45 31.2 80 65×2 71 392