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Oriental Motor Induction Motors World K Series for Asia 4IK25A-AW2L2

Oriental Motor Induction Motors World K Series for Asia 4IK25A-AW2L2

Mã sản phẩm: 4IK25A-AW2L2
Tên thiết bị: Motor
Xuất xứ: Japan
Tình trạng: Còn hàng
Liên hệ: 083 977 1926
Giá: Liên Hệ


Frame Size 80mm
Shaft/Gear Type Round Shaft Type
Gear Ratio -
Type Lead Wire Type
Time Rating Continuous
Output 25W
Voltage / Frequency / Current Single-Phase 110V / 60Hz / 0.46A
Starting Torque (Motor Shaft) Single-Phase 110V / 60Hz: 120mN・m
Rated Torque / Rated Speed Single-Phase 110V / 60Hz: 170mN・m / 1450r/min
Capacitance 6.5μF
Standard GB
CE Marking affixed
RoHS Directive conforms
Overheat Protection Device Type Thermal protector
Mass: Motor 1.5kg
  • ●The product name listed on the motor nameplate does not include the code (2) that indicates the type of capacitor.
    Certification regarding various safety standards is acquired for the product name on the motor nameplate.
    ●There is a built-in thermal protector (automatic return type). If a motor overheats for any reason, the thermal protector is activated and the motor is stopped. When the motor temperature drops, the thermal protector closes and the motor restarts automatically. Be sure to turn the power supply off before inspecting.